Restaurants & Shops

Food Pavilion
(For Tourist groups only). You'll find lots of delicious food and your favourite ice-cold beverages in the air-conditioned Food Pavilion.

Food Station
To ease your transition back to the real World, stop off at the Food Station and enjoy food and drinks

Food Time
Yes, it's time, not only for food, but also for drinks, ice cream, ice-cold and Hot Tom-Yum instant noodles.

Are you hungry for KFC style chicken? We have a KFC restaurant serving delicious food all day.

Souvenir Shop
Don't forget to stop off at our souvenir shops before you leave, for the chance to pick up a tangible memory of your great day out at Dream World.

Iyara Shop
These shops stock a range of Thai-style souvenirs, such as bags, shirts, caps dolls .

The Naraya Shop
Treat yourself to a stylish new bag. The Naraya Shops stock a wide range of top quality yet inexpensive fashion accessories.

Hollywood Studio Store
For a souvenir with a difference, choose one of our Hollywood Icon themed souvenirs. Products include clothes, fashion accessories, pillows, dolls .

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