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Popular Rides

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  • Water Fun
    Kids will love the water play area which has many rides, including Slider and Tunnel Fountain.

  • Tornado
    Dare yourself! Travelling 7 storeys into the air swinging at up to 75 km/hr. And it even spins. You will be terrified...

  • Snow Town
    A major highlight for both young and old is "snow town" newly refurbished and more enchanting than ever! Visitors can experience a trulu arctic atmosphere In the powdery snow,compleate with slides! The temperature never rise above - 8 c in Snow

  • Hurricane
    The Hurricane will take you up 20 m. into the air and then toss you about like a rag doll as it flips and somersaults. Get ready to experience this high energy storm that guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping!

  • Super Splash
    Ride the big waves, great fun for all the family as the Super Splash lives up its name!

  • Grand Canyon
    You are in for a great adventure when you climb onto a raft for a trip down the white water rapids. Try not to get too wet as you negotiate the twisting and churning water. An exciting and cool experience is guaranteed .

For more Reservation, please call 0-2577-8666 (Ext. 0, 8757,8758,8615,8616) between 08.00 a.m and 18.00 p.m hrs. (Pattaya area - please contact a local travel agent)